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Not your ordinary office tack board, Weave is wrapped with your choice of five modern fabrics for a textured feel. The frameless look nicely compliments artwork, furniture and other Polyvision writing surfaces so that your design vision doesn’t miss a beat. It’s offered in four sizes and looks good next to other Polyvision products, making it a great pairing option. The perfect fabric tackboard for pinning anecdotes or accolades, Weave adds a boost to any office.

+  Made with 3/8” fiberboard core, overlaid with 1/8” natural cork, finished with Camira fabrics

+  Camira Fabrics ​are 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Polyester or 100% Polypropylene 

+  Z-bracket mounting brackets

+  Available in horizontal and vertical orientations

+  5 textile colorways, also match Whisper


acoustic tackboard fabric     acoustic tackboard fabric     acoustic tackboard fabric

Aruba                     Callan                     Paseo

acoustic tackboard fabric     acoustic tackboard fabric

Sligo                      Tallow

Size                Weight         Thickness       Depth

24″ x 24″       5 lbs            0.75″                1.25″

36″ x 48″       17 lbs          0.75″                1.25″

48″ x 72″       62 lbs          0.75″                1.25″

48″ x 96″       80 lbs          0.75″                1.25″

Two vertical tackboards on the wall in an open room with tall windows
Two dark, fabric tackboards with papers pinned
Dark turquoise tack board on wall with burnt orange chairs in room overlooking water
Square, turquoise-colored tack board hanging on wall