With rounded corners and three different sizes, Notch is a wall mounted whiteboard that sits nicely side by side or can live well on its own. This gives you the ability to build your wall to your liking and set the tone of your space with Notch on its own, or paired with other office writing surfaces from our collection. From your school announcements to your hospital schedules, this super durable and light dry erase board can hang anywhere. ​

+  Made from durable CeramicSteel

+  Magnetic

+  Frameless

+  Standoff mounts in satin chrome finish

+  Edge painted with durable lacquer to match surface

+  Can be installed horizontally or vertically

+  Orientation is not predetermined by hardware

+  Available in all CeramicSteel colors and finishes

+  Indoor Air Quality Certified – Indoor Advantage™ Gold

+  Class A Flame Spread Rating



White Gloss          Moonlight              Coastline


Blush                     Silver Star               Rain


Clearwater            Glacier                    Twilight

Black Chalk

Size              Weight       Thickness       Depth

47″ x 47″       32 lbs          0.25″                0.75″

47″ x 72″       50 lbs          0.25″                0.75″

47″ x 95″       66 lbs          0.25″                0.75″

Contemporary office space with whiteboard, long table, and two chairs
Large collaborative whiteboard in front of a meeting table and chairs
Meeting space with bookcase, whiteboard, chair and wooden table
Wall-mounted magnetic whiteboard