Lift your office layout with Breeze, an ultra-thin and versatile whiteboard. A customizable, lightweight whiteboard offering two different sizes and 10 different dry erase surface options, Breeze adds a colorful blend of function and personalized style to any workspace. It’s extremely easy to install, with an innovative dot mounting system that anyone can handle.

+  Made from durable CeramicSteel

+  Magnetic

+  Frameless, lightweight

+  4 mm radius corners

+  Concealed hardware

+  Available in all CeramicSteel colors and finishes

+  Indoor Air Quality Certified – Indoor Advantage™ Gold

+  Class A Flame Spread Rating



White Gloss         Moonlight            Coastline


Blush                    Silver Star            Rain


Clearwater           Glacier                 Twilight

Black Chalk

Size                             Weight        Thickness      Depth

45.25″ x 45.25″       23.32 lbs     0.157″            1.31″

45.25″ x 90.75″       46.78 lbs     0.157″            1.31″


Easy Installation with paper wall template and dual interlocking mounting system

+  Recommended for installation on drywall

+  Must be mounted 4 inches off the floor or from the corner of the wall and 1 inch from the ceiling

+  Extra Large Rectangle can be mounted horizontally or vertically

Contemporary office space with collaborative whiteboard on wall
Wooden lounge chair facing a large wall whiteboard
Blush colored whiteboard with magnets and notes
Thin writing board mounted to wall