Set the bar high with Alto. This framed whiteboard wall spans 8 feet tall and can be customized on-site for any unique need, from electrical outlets to monitors. Alto’s panels fit seamlessly together to fill a wall with a writable whiteboard or chalkboard surface, making plenty of room for big ideas and brainstorms.

One of our largest dry erase walls, Alto is made from our durable CeramicSteel material for maximum cleanability and readability. This high-volume collaboration tool has high design written all over it.

+   Made from durable CeramicSteel

+  Magnetic

+   Anodized aluminum frame on outer perimeter

+   Available in white gloss and black chalk

+  Indoor Air Quality Certified – Indoor Advantage™ Gold

+  Class A Flame Spread Rating

Surface Colors


White Gloss          Black Chalk


Size              Weight       Thickness      Depth

95″ x 47″       81.5 lbs          0.5″                  0.75″


+   Panels install progressively with a spline joint up to the length of your wall

+   Single panels can be installed horizontally or vertically to support a 4’h

Open space with whiteboard wall, wire chair, and accent table
Framed whiteboard with papers held on by magnets
Walls made from rock with large wall whiteboard
Framed whiteboard mounted to wall