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Magnetic Office & Whiteboard Organizers

With everything that goes into an office, it’s no surprise that you might need a little help getting it all organized. Polyvision offers office organizational supplies that can help your team keep needed information and helpful markerboard supplies together with less overall impact on your office layout and style. 

Our Toolbar magnetic whiteboard tool holder allows you to keep markers, erasers, and even sticks of chalk for any office or training room with chalkboards right where you need them. Perfect for conference spaces, training areas, and any space where your office writing surfaces see a lot of use from different teams or presenters to make sure everyone always knows where the markers go.

If your office deals in a lot of paper notes, memos, or other information the whole team should see, our Weave canvas tack board allows you plenty of space to post notes, accolades, and anecdotes with a look that compliments your entire office. 

With accessories and storage tools from Polyvision, your office can work a little bit harder than before – with a lot less clutter and chaos.