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Mobile Whiteboards & Privacy Screens

As we move through the office, we need tools that can move with us – enter Polyvision’s collection of portable whiteboards. Whether your teams need mobile whiteboards to move with them throughout the office for meetings, impromptu chats, or post-mortem on your last big project, our selection of portable writing surfaces can keep up with your team as they work and grow. Built with resilient frames and durable casters to handle laps around the office, and offering a variety of surface area and surface material to handle any project, these mobile whiteboards can bring a new level of convenience and visibility to your team’s next big task, wherever it may take you.

In addition to our Drift double-sided whiteboard, we offer the Whisper mobile acoustic panel for greater privacy. Not only does this mobile whiteboard offer the same durable writing surface as the rest of our acclaimed office whiteboards, but it also functions as a space divider and sound barrier to keep your teams focused and productive without interrupting any phone calls or other discussions throughout the office.

Gone are the days of stationery whiteboards – take these mobile writing boards out for a spin and get more work done, no matter where you are.