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The CeramicSteel Difference

We want our customers to have products that are both beautiful and long lasting. That’s why the core of Polyvision’s products are made with CeramicSteel. 

The smooth glass-like surface is made using a meticulous continuous coil process and the finest ingredients of porcelain enamel and steel. Unlike its challengers, the surface can endure extreme wear and tear and stand up to scratches, stains, bacteria, chemicals and fire. With a strong magnetic capability you don’t have to worry about buying special rare earth magnets. 

Accidentally write on the surface with a permanent marker? No problem, you can easily remove it from CeramicSteel by writing over it with a dry erase marker and erasing. It won’t leave those bothersome ghosting marks either. Have a board that sits in direct sunlight? CeramicSteel is colorfast and will not fade over time.

It also gets a gold star for being environmentally friendly. It’s made in ISO certified facilities with 100% inorganic materials and is 99% recyclable. It is certified by SCS Global Services as Indoor Advantage Gold™ and produces zero VOC emissions.

The longevity of the surface, combined with the high quality materials used to make Polyvision collaboration tools make it an excellent value for the life of the product. 

Hygienic CeramicSteel

Cleaner, safer workplaces are possible with Hygienic CeramicSteel. Silver ion additives in the CeramicSteel formula actively work to keep the surface clean and sanitary for the lifetime of the product, all while holding up to the busiest collaborative spaces.